RMN DyA and RMN Logística, receive an important grant from the Ivace (Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness) thus recognizing the technological change that is being carried out

By 28 January, 2021 News

At the beginning of the year this information arrived from the Ivace for digitization projects of SMEs in the Valencian Community, and without thinking twice Paco García, CIO of Grupo Raminatrans, contacted Raquel Sola, Head of Administration of RMN DyA and RMN Logistics and together with Rubén Solaz and Iván García, computer scientists who are developing these projects for the implementation of innovative solutions aimed at the digitization of the company’s activity, they thought it was an excellent opportunity for these two companies to present a report of these projects that are being carried out in our warehouses in Ribarroja. “The idea was to get the subsidy and the recognition of the development that has been carried out in our company, a custom tool and in an environment that did not exist; a Warehouse Management System (WMS) in NAV. that implies an improvement in the competitiveness of companies, as is our case. We cannot forget that this is the great commitment of the Group, to integrate computer solutions in a single platform, where the different products coexist and share information ”, explains Paco García.

“Then the pandemic arrived and we thought it had stopped, but at the end of July we received this great news, which shows that things are being done, and above all, they are being done well,” adds Raquel Sola.

Since then, intense work has been done to carry out the project, which at the beginning of this new year 2021 we can say that it is already a reality.

– Proyectos de digitalización de Pyme (Digitaliza-CV)
– RMN Distribución y Almacenaje SL Nº Exp. IMDIGA/2020/176
– RMN Logística SL Nº Exp. IMDIGA/2020/183