With a close look at the Chinese New Year

By 4 February, 2021 News

From Grupo Raminatrans we want to remind you that the Chinese New Year will be celebrated soon (from February 11st. to 17th.), as every year this holiday period in China will be a turning point in trade and logistics in general, and in particular in international shipping. One aspect to take into account is that everything points to the fact that factory openings may suffer delays due to possible lockdowns after these holidays.

At the moment the freight rates for imports from Asia to the Mediterranean are behaving the same way as they ended in 2020. The escalation that freight rates for commercial movements between the two areas have been undergoing, consolidating in these first weeks of the year, a trend that, as you know, already occurred in December and of which we kept you informed and even tried to make an effort to explain how this perfect storm situation had come about in international maritime trade.

In fact, there are several routes that are under great pressure, the Trans-Pacific that covers Asia and the United States, for example.

Regarding exports, the situation is also very similar to how it ended in 2020, especially with Latam, where there is also a shortage of equipment and space, so we encourage you to make your space reservations as far in advance as possible.

The reasons
The increase in demand, the shortage of cargo supply provided by shipping companies due, among other causes, to competition from other routes such as the aforementioned Trans-Pacific, the lack of empty equipment and the stockpiling that economies such as the United States or the United Kingdom, they have only put pressure in a way never seen before on freight from Asia to the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, from Grupo Raminatrans we will continue to offer our best customer-oriented service to work, day by day, taking care of each load and of our customers, with the hope that this New Chinese Year will bring good news little by little.