Work is resumed on the Coliseum Arena José Rizal basketball stadium, Calambá city (Philippines)

By 17 September, 2021 Hotel logistics division, News

For this great work, the Hotel Division of Grupo Raminatrans has coordinated so far the export of all the tile, from a renowned Castellón firm that is going to cover this basketball stadium, with a capacity for 8,000 spectators, 1,200 of them seated, and whose seats are also Grupo Raminatrans being in charge of transporting them from the Hotels department. And it is that this department does not only carry out large constructions such as hotels. “The construction of a hotel is the construction of a large infrastructure, when you are able to provide a first-class logistics service, as is the case of Grupo Raminatrans, for major hotel companies, you are prepared to address any shipment for any large construction and everything that is needed to get it ready: a hospital, a school, a train station … and of course to supply these companies with whatever material, product, furniture they need. We are also noticing that little by little more works paralyzed by the pandemic are beginning to reactivate ”, explains María Sáez, head of the Hotels department.