Update of the consequences of coronavirus in the logistics chain

By 12 February, 2020 News

As Grupo Raminatrans informed you a few days ago, the consequences of the coronavirus are being felt very seriously in the logistics chain with China, a situation that we can summarize as follows: Transportation restrictions, delays in the reopening of customs and the quarantine of millions of citizens threaten the global supply chain.

Beyond that the Chinese New Year has come to an end, the return to normality is far from occurring, especially in factories since the workforce is being limited by quarantine obligations. Our colleagues in this country are all working remotely from their homes and we are trying to stay informed every day, hour by hour, but the environment is extremely changing and we also depend on what the regional governments decide. It should be noted that companies based in China are meeting increasingly stringent requirements to operate normally, which is why all transport, in whatever way, is being affected: cancellation of air connections, blank sailing in maritime transport and up to 70% of land transport shortages.

The second half of February will be decisive and all the affected agents consider that the return to normal will be gradual and will not be envisioned until March. Many shippers are starting very slowly to operate normally, but always exposed to local regulations and security measures.

Below we show you this maps of China, with important information.

Hopefully the situation improves and we will continue to inform you.