The warehouses of Ribarroja and El Oliveral have a license to store health products, personal care, cosmetics and biocides

The process to obtain the license for the health products, personal care, cosmetics and biocides in the Ribarroja and El Oliveral warehouses has been completed, this license has been issued by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) and authorizes the owner, Raminatrans SL, the storage of these products in these two locations. To obtain this license, a laborious work has been processed where a series of requirements has been demanded. These requirements have been, among others, to present a technical report that demonstrates compliance with regulations at the level of facilities, certificates and processes. We also have to have warehouses approved by the AEMPS, as is the case of the Grupo Raminatrans and have a technical manager with adequate qualifications. Grupo Raminatrans has fully complied with all these requirements, therefore, we can now offer this new service to our customers and also to new accounts. This new service is added to the advice for obtaining the health license by the client. The license allows us to stock a wide range of products, as long as they are included within this group: biocides, cosmetics, health products and personal hygiene.