The UNE 71 standard for toys has a new version published for part 2 (only in English)

By 23 June, 2021 Customs, Legislation, News

The UNE 71 regulation for toys has a new version published for part 2, currently the publication is only in English and as long as it is not published in Spanish, the regulations that have been used apply.

Once it is published, both versions will coexist for a time, the old and the recent, but we consider it is convenient to notify you of this fact so that you can inform your suppliers and update the tests. For our part, we will continue to inform you promptly when the Spanish version is available, as well as any other important fact that may affect you.

For any questions that may arise, you can contact your sales executive, as well as our Department of Customs to clarify this and any other issue that may arise.