The Trade Agreement between the European Union (EU) and Singapore begins to apply on November 21, 2019

By 21 November, 2019 Customs, Maritime transport, News

The Union will eliminate customs duties on all goods originating in Singapore under this Agreement from the date of entry into force, with the exception of the products listed in Appendix 2-A-1.

The goods included in that Appendix under categories 3 and 5 are subject to tax relief schedules. The goods included in category X will not benefit from any reduction.

In order to benefit from the tariff preferences established in the Agreement, art. 16 of Protocol I on rules of origin establishes as proof of origin the invoice declaration of origin or any other commercial document that describes the original product in sufficient detail to allow its identification.

The issurrance of said declaration must be made under the following conditions:

  • In the Union: By an authorized exporter for shipments whose total value exceeds 6000 euros; or by an exporter for any shipment whose total value does not exceed 6000 euros.
  • In Singapore: By an exporter registered with the competent authority and who has received a unique identity number, and by an exporter that complies with the relevant Singapore regulations prepare declarations of origin.

No authorized exporter shall be obliged to sign the declaration of origin on condition that it submits to the customs authorities of the exporting Party a written commitment that it accepts full responsibility for any declaration of origin that identifies it as the author of these statements.

The documents used to justify that the products covered by a declaration of origin can be considered as products originating in the Union or Singapore may be the following: – A direct proof of the operations carried out by the exporter or the supplier to obtain the goods (it can come from your accounts or your internal accounting, for example).

  • Documents proving the original nature of the materials used, issued or extended in one of the Parties.
  • Or documents proving the elaboration or transformation of the materials in one of the Parties.

The declaration of origin may be extended exceptionally after export (“a posteriori declaration”), provided that it is submitted within a maximum period of two years after the Entry of goods in the Union and one year in the case of Singapore.

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