The Suez Canal remains blocked by the stranding of Evergreen’s “Ever Given”

The Suez Canal has been blocked since last Tuesday 23 by the grounding of the container ship “Ever Given”, of the Evergreen shipping company, after losing control, which is causing significant traffic delays on this key waterway in the routes with Asia. Despite the means deployed by the Suez Canal Authority to free the ship, so far the attempts have been unsuccessful.

Sources from Grupo Raminatrans assure us that it is feared that the ship, with a capacity for 20,388 containers, 400 meters long and 59 meters wide, could remain immobile for days, which would cause a huge plug in this essential route for world trade.

According to the explanations offered by the Evergreen shipping company and the Suez Canal Authority, the incident was mainly due to “lack of visibility derived from bad weather conditions due to the passage through Egypt of a dust storm, which caused the wind to reach a speed of 40 knots, causing the loss of the ability to steer the ship and thus its grounding “. This can cause many delays in the ships that are sailing to Mediterraneo and Algeciras, there may be ships diverted by South Africa which, of course, will increase the transit time.

This matter is something foreign to Grupo Raminatrans, so we ask you to be attentive to possible delays. As we always do, we will continue to offer our best customer-oriented service to work day by day taking care of each load, with the hope that shortly good news will arrive and the Suez Canal is unblocked.

The satellite image from at 09:00 this morning shows the position of the “Ever Given”, completely blocking traffic at km 151 of the Suez Canal.

The grounding of the “Ever Given” is creating a major bottleneck in the Suez Canal, as observed in the positions of the vessels offered at 0900 hours by