The new system “Registered Exporter REX” in the world.

By 14 September, 2020 News

Firstable we want to continue to send you our wishes for health and well-being for you and your families on behalf of all of us who make up the Grupo Raminatrans family.
We remind you with this illustrative map that for some time, the new preferential agreements signed by the EU with third countries are based on a new system of certification of origin even simpler than the figure of the “Authorized Exporter”, in fact it is planned to modify all free trade agreements to replace the current certification systems (Cdo. Eur 1 and authorized exporter) with the new “Registered Exporter REX” system. This new system consists of registering exporting companies in a database of the European Commission assigning a registration number, so that the customs authorities of the destination countries can directly access said database and verify that their goods benefit from more favorable preferential treatment because of its origin in the EU.

Having said this, the Customs Authorities of our country recommend that both types of authorizations be jointly requested: “Authorized Exporter” and “REX Registered Exporter”. Customs will carry out the verification procedure for both applications in a single process and will grant both types of simplified certification of origin at the same time. Authorizations that do not require renewal, as long as it exports the same types of merchandise and that they continue to comply with the Preferential Rules of Origin.

For all these reasons and in order to help you get your REX Authorized Exporter and Registered Exporter applications, we offer you our advisory services to process both applications.

If you are interested in obtaining these new types of certification of origin, you can contact your salesperson and our Customs Consulting Department through the following email address consultoria.aduana@raminatrans.comand we will be happy to assist you as soon as possible.

As always, the Grupo Raminatrans team is at your disposal for any questions you may have.