The EU imposes safeguard measures on rice from Cambodia and Myanmar/Burma

The European Union restored on last Friday January 18 the normal customs duty for this product, of 175 Euros per ton in the first year. Research has confirmed a significant increase in imports into the European Union of  “indica” rice from Cambodia and Myanmar/Burma. Therefore, the Commission decided last Friday, January 18, to reintroduce some import duties that will be reduced steadily over the years. According to the Commission’s decision, the normal customs duty for this product, of 175 Euros per ton in the first year, which will be reduced to 150 Euros per ton in the second year and 125 Euros in the third one.

During the investigation, which began in March 2018, was launched in February 2018 by the Italian Government, supported by the other United States rice producers (Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria), the Commission found that the whole imports of rice of the “indica” type increase 89%. The time relationships were reduced in recent times. The reduction of market share, the market share in the EU was reduced, from 61% to 29%.

The CN codes affected are as follows: 10063027, 10063048, 10063067 y 10063098.

Cambodia and Burma are the beneficiaries of the Union’s “Everything but Arms” (TMA) trade regime, which unilaterally grants duty- and quota-free access to the least developed countries (except for arms and ammunition). This is one of the main points in the reduction system of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) for developing countries. The announced measures are taken on the basis of the safeguard mechanism of the GSP Regulation.