The deferral of VAT to avoid unnecessary decapitalization

By 25 October, 2022 Legislation, News, Others

From November 1, 2022, and throughout the month, you can request the application of deferred VAT to imports made from January 1, 2023 by presenting the Census Declaration through form 036.

What is DEFERRAL VAT and what does it means?
The VAT DEFERRAL allows an importer not to decapitalize by paying VAT from customs operations, and then recover or offset in his next VAT return.
The deferral of the tax allows the VAT to be paid during a period (month) to be declared in the 303 form as a payment to be paid.
The advantage is that directly the interested party has the right to deduct that amount, and therefore the VAT payment is ZERO for the imports made.

Do not confuse with …
It should not be confused that the payment of VAT is avoided, because it is not the case.
If the interested party is covered by DEFERRED VAT, the VAT invoiced by the interested party will not be offset by imports because it is already done with 303 form, but it is true that the VAT generated by its invoicing is understood to be VAT charged, and therefore the company is not financing the Administration with its treasury.

Who benefits the most?
The most advantageous of this modality is to companies that import a lot of merchandise from third countries, and then their majority sales are destined for countries of the European Union, or are subsequently re-exported. In this case, the importer supports plus VAT than invoice and then you will have to request a refund of the tax, and it can take months to pay it back.

Requirements established to opt for this payment model:

  1. Those who have made the acquisition of all or part of a business or professional patrimony, when the sum of their volume of operations from the previous calendar year, and the volume of operations that the owner of the patrimony would have carried out in the same period with of this, would have exceeded € 6,010,121.04.
  2. Companies whose volume of operations exceeds € 6,010,121.04 during the previous calendar year.
  3. Those registered in the Monthly Refund Registry (REDEME).
  4. Those that apply the special regime of the group of entities.

Customers who are not registered in this modality of deferred VAT Import, can request to benefit from it until next November 30, the established deadline. The request for the same would directly affect the Import VAT quotas notified as of January 1 of next year.
You can see these requirements in greater detail on the website of the Tax Agency (direct link:

If you need more information, contact your sales representative, who will resolve any questions through our Customs department.