Temporary withdrawal of Tariff Preferences for certain products originating in the Kingdom of Cambodia

By 4 March, 2020 Customs, Legislation, News

On February 12, the European Commission decided to partially withdraw tariff preferences for products from Cambodia, due to serious and systematic human rights violations in that country.

Cambodia benefits from free access to the European market for all products (except arms and ammunition) based on the special regime in favor of less developed countries (All but weapons) established in Regulation (EU) No 978/2012, by which a System of Generalized Tariff Preferences is applied, commercial benefits that are linked to the obligation to respect human and labor rights.

The conditions for establishing the procedure for withdrawal of tariff preferences are set out in Article 19 of EU Regulation 978/2012. This procedure began, in the case of Cambodia, in February 2019, through an Execution Decision, with the evaluation and monitoring of the situation in the country for 6 months, plus another 6 months to proceed with the preparation of the report and the conclusions of process.

The procedure itself provides for a grace period of 6 more months, so the effective withdrawal could begin on August 12, 2020, as announced by the European Commission.

The Commission takes into account the progress made by Cambodia since the start of the withdrawal procedure, as well as the country’s economic development needs, and therefore concludes that tariff preferences should be withdrawn only for certain products. Among them, there are some items in chapters 42, 61, 62 and 64 (the affected items can be found in the draft Regulation).

For the effective application it will be necessary to publish a Regulation that establishes it in the Official Journal of the European Union. At the moment only one draft is available that is being analyzed for approval by the European authorities.

More information, as well as the draft Regulation can be found at:

Commission decides to partially withdraw Cambodia’s preferential access to the EU market.

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