Summary table of PPE and Health Products regulations and list of centers notified to approve certifications in Spain (Source: Ministry of Industry and Commerce)

By 28 July, 2020 News
Grupo Raminatrans echoes a compilation of all the regulations that PPE type FFP2 masks, surgical masks (medical devices) must comply with, as well as a long list of protection and anti-COVID products.19 such as EPI protective gloves, surgical sanitary gloves, eye and face protection glasses and screens, gowns, etc … (be aware, for example, not all nitrile or vitrile gloves must be considered as a PPE protection product or as a medical device).

Firstable you will find access to the UNE standards that are normally paid through the AENOR website, but it seems that through this document they are offered free of charge to those who need access to these technical standards.

At the end the contact details of the notified centers in Spain are detailed, which are the laboratories that test the samples of these types of products and are the only ones that can issue the certifications to be able to import and market them in the EU.

For all of the above, we consider this information of great interest to our clients, especially for those who are considering importing these types of articles for the first time or who have doubts about the type of standard they must comply with.