Road container transportation companies in the Port of Valencia decide not to provide services at the APM terminal

Today, July 12th., there was a meeting of the companies that work in the Port of Valencia dedicated to the transport of containers by road.

In conclusion, in view of the unsustainable situation that has been occurring for months at the APM terminal, with congestions that cause long and frequent waits of hours and hours lost by carriers, companies have decided to stop providing services with origin and/or destination that terminal indefinitely, as long as adequate conditions of transport service are not guaranteed.

As Grupo Raminatrans has been able to know, the Valencian Federation of Transport and Logistics Entrepreneurs supports this decision, “at the same time that the authorities and those responsible for the terminal are urged to adopt the necessary measures to put an end to this disastrous reality”. The same sources have informed us that this afternoon a meeting will take place in order to avoid reaching the strike, but “at the moment a lot has to change so that it can be called off”.

Due to this situation, totally unrelated to Grupo Raminatrans, we will do everything possible so that the consequences of this strike affects you as little as possible, but unfortunately our obligation is to put you on notice. If there is any change we will let you know as soon as possible.