Road container transportation companies in the Port of Valencia decide not to provide services at the APM terminal

In an assembly that took place in the port of Valencia late yesterday afternoon, the self-employers operating in the port of Valencia have given the go-ahead to the last document sent by the terminal, and which has allowed the lifting of the announced strikes last Monday, July 12 by the carriers, a lifting that will take effect as of tomorrow, Friday, July 16.

Gone are almost four days of negotiations in which the terminal has met, on the one hand, with the carriers, and, on the other, with the Valencia Port Authority, whose role, as Grupo Raminatrans has known, in this conflict It has been “fundamental, both for its mediation and for its work at the time that both parties have been bringing positions closer.” Despite the decision, from Fenatport they join the skepticism expressed by the FVET-Puerto, and announce a “very close up monitoring” of the agreements.

Returning to a normal situation will take a while, but at Grupo Raminatrans and to the best of our ability we will do everything in our power to work to reverse the consequences of this reality.