Raminatrans Castellón, distinguished in the business career category in the Faro Awards awarded by the Port Authority of Castellón

By 9 May, 2022 News, Our Company

The Raminatrans Group is in luck, because last Friday, May 6, our Raminatrans Castellón delegation was honored with the Faro Business Career Award, which is awarded each year by the Port Authority of Castellón. Our president, Rafael Milla, together with the Raminatrans Castellón team, led by Vicente Ramos Andreu and Vicente Ramos Benet, presided over the delivery ceremony. Without a doubt, a great evening full of emotion and pride.

This company was founded in 2000 by Rafael Milla Navarro, president of Grupo Raminatrans, and Vicente Ramos Andreu, an institution in the Port of Castellón with more than 40 years of experience linked to the port. Raminatrans Castellón is made up of a team of 37 professionals, has two logistics centers of 8,000 and 11,000 m2 in Castellón and Villarreal respectively, and offers the services of a comprehensive logistics operator, from international maritime transport services both in full container and in groupage, customs agency, air cargo, storage, national and international road transport, consignment and ship chartering.
Grupo Raminatrans, with 100% capital from the Valencian Community, has as its main value the quality of its service, offering close treatment and support to companies in their logistics, always looking for the best transport solution.

The challenge of the pandemic

Another factor highlighted by the jury is the important role that this company had in the worst moment of the pandemic. In March 2020, a few days after the state of alarm was decreed, Puertos del Estado channeled, at the request of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, the purchase of 8 million masks and commissioned Raminatrans Castellón to manage the distribution of them, which was a logistical challenge. This company was in charge of carrying out customs procedures, reception, storage, picking and subsequent distribution throughout the national territory.

Later, another 6 million masks and 2 million gloves ordered by ADIF, Renfe and the Ministry of the Interior were added. As explained by Vicente Ramos Benet, general director of the company and who was personally in charge of coordinating the operation: “it was the greatest challenge we had ever faced, in absolutely extraordinary circumstances. We worked day and night for several weeks”. Ramos highlights the essential nature of logistics at the worst moment of the crisis caused by COVID-19, the impeccable collaboration of all institutions and teamwork. “We, in those circumstances, did what we knew how to do: we made the Raminatrans Group structure available to the project and set up a team made up of colleagues from Castellón, Valencia, Ribarroja and Madrid, specialists in the different fields of logistics. And we must highlight the collaboration of the Puertos del Estado team, always available to solve all difficulties, and the help of Customs to dispatch the merchandise even at dawn”, explains the general director of Raminatrans Castellón.