Notice to exporters to Egypt. New ACI regulation

By 15 September, 2021 Legislation, News

The reason for our communication is to inform you that on October 1, 2021 (B / L Date) the new Advance Cargo Information (ACI) regulation will finally come into force in Egypt, which has a significant impact on the export of goods to that country and that serves to develop its Single Customs Window, that is, an information procedure to its customs authorities about the goods that arrive at its ports. For this, importers must be registered and notify shipments with destination 48 hours in advance. Egypt.According to the NAZEFA Guide, published in Spanish, the Egyptian importer, registered on the portal, should provide the anticipated cargo data and acquire the ACID (unique reference number) before the start of import operations. According to the NAZEFA website (, the system will send an email to the importer and exporter that will include the ACID. This ACID code must appear on all documents of the shipment.

In the Guide published in English the system is explained a little more in detail, which would be the following:

– The Egyptian importer provides the essential data about the shipment.
– The customs authority assesses the potential risks and, if the shipment is accepted, the ACID is generated.
– The shipping company, within 24 hours prior to the ship’s departure, sends a list, in electronic format, of the merchandise sent to Egypt (includes B / L, ACID number, importer and exporter data).
– The exporter, upon leaving the ship, has to prepare the shipping documents to send them through the Cargo X blockchain platform.
– The Egyptian importer reviews and approves these documents and would request pre-clearance. – The shipping agent delivers the cargo manifest no less than 48 hours before the arrival of the ship.

For now, it seems that it will only apply to ocean shipments.

For any questions that may arise, you can contact your sales representative and, of course, our Customs Department to clarify this and any other question that you may have.