New regulation to imports of aluminum extrusions from China

Regulation (EU) 2020/1215 has been published by which imports of aluminum extrusions originating in China are subject to registration since August 25, 2020.

The products subject to registration are bars, profiles (hollow or not) and tubes; unassembled, even prepared for construction (eg cut to size, drilled, curved, chamfered or tapped); made of aluminum, alloyed or unalloyed, with an aluminum content less than or equal to 99.3% and affects the TARIC codes: 7604.10.10.11, 7604.10.90.11, 7604.10.90.25, 7604.10.90.80, 7604.21.00.10, 7604.21. 00.90, 7604.29.10.10, 7604.29.10.20, 7604.29.10.30, 7604.29.10.40, 7604.29.10.90, 7604.29.90.10, 7604.29.90.20, 7604.29.90.90, 7608.10.00.11, 7608.10.00.80, 7608.20.81.10, 7608.20.81 7608.20.81.90, 7608.20.89.10, 7608.20.89.20, 7608.20.89.30, 7608.20.89.40, 7608.20.89.90 and 7610.90.90.10.

The following products are not included in the registry:

– Products adhered (for example, by welding or fasteners) to form subassemblies.
– The welded pipes.
– The products included in a packaged kit with the necessary parts for the assembly of a finished product without further finishing or manufacturing of the parts (finished goods kit).

The measure will be in force for a maximum period of 9 months and is intended to ensure that, if the results of the investigation lead to the imposition of anti-dumping duties (calculated up to 37% anti-dumping duties), such duties can be retroactively collected with respect to registered imports.

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