New annex for import of ceramic products of Chinese origin with invoice declaration

Regulation 2019/2131 that entered into force on November 29 establishes new assumptions for importation to obtain partial reduction of the anti-dumping duty. If the manufacturer sells directly to the importer in the EU, the legend that comes will be in accordance with Annex 2 of the new regulation and the invoice should be an original.

If the manufacturer sells to an intermediate operator, who subsequently resells to an importer in the EU, the legend of the manufacturer’s invoice to the intermediary must be provided in the original for dispatch with the text of Annex 3. In our opinion, due to it is not stated in the Regulation itself that, we consider that the sales invoice of the intermediary to the importer in the EU does not require any legend, although there must be an exact identity of products and quantities with the manufacturer’s invoice.

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