Last minute in the import of medical equipment

By 24 April, 2020 Customs, Legislation, News

First and foremost, from everyone in the Raminatrans Group family we sincerely hope you are all well and dealing with this unprecedented situation in the best possible way.

Thanks to our certification as an Authorized Economic Operator in its most complete form for Customs Simplifications, Protection and Security, we are using the National Centralized Clearance (DCN) system, to coordinate all of our customs operations in a single Customs office with which we maintain constant communication 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of the airport where the merchandise arrives whether it be in the Peninsula or the Balearic Islands.

In addition, we are using the new Single Customs Window environment, which until now was only used for arrivals by sea. This allows us to anticipate the presentation of your customs declarations, accompanying them with all the technical and commercial documentation, allowing the verification and approval by customs authorities to begin long before the arrival of the plane, so that as soon as it lands, we can automatically start distributing. In this way there are no surprises or last minute requirements that could delay or harm your urgent delivery commitments to your customers.

If your merchandise is be subject to any simplification, be it sanitary control prior to importation or if you can benefit from possible exemptions from VAT or tariff exemptions, rest assured that you are in good hands and that we will ensure not only that your operations are processed as quickly as possible, but we also guarantee that we have further improved the quality of our customs representation service.

In addition, our new Consulting Department, in addition to solving and advising our clients, is working side by side with our team of customs managers, which allows us to be aware of all the regulatory, sanitary, customs and prosecutors “at the rhythm of BOE”. And there are many! There is such an avalanche of regulatory developments during the State of Alarm, most of them usually on bank holidays, that as soon as the new Royal Decrees, Ministerial Orders, Instructions, etc. are published, our team of experts analyze all the documents published in the moment, extracting anything that may be of interest to them and automatically, practically online and “at the rate of the BOE”, we are offering you a complete daily updated dossier, available to you on our website, where we are sure that you will find an answer to all your questions.

We have a range of air transport solutions according to the urgency required to provide tailored responses to existing demand to all of our clients.

Possibility of chartering an aircraft adjusted to the required volume from 150 to 350 cbm of capacity. Tailored service!!!
– Advantages: Possibility of choosing the departure-destination airport aircraft if there is availability according to the price.
– Disadvantages: Real risk of losing a large amount of money, if the load for some reason is not available in time, even if it is a customs issue. Large initial financial outlay.

With an average of 2-3 weekly rotations and immediate transit.
– Advantages: They tend to have a greater cargo capacity and the transit time is short.
– Disadvantages: Greater possibility of delay due to documentation issues when sharing space with other clients and partial or total cancellation of bookings.

Spaces from major airports such as Shanghai and Shenzhen with the need to book space 4-5 days in advance and a transit time of 5-6 days but with more stable and competitive prices.
– Advantages: They are not usually canceled and are cheaper.
– Disadvantages: Less capacity and longer transit time.

At Grupo Raminatrans we offer you the best solution tailored to your needs. Thank you.

The world of air cargo has changed so much that passenger planes have been converted into cargo planes: