Innovate or abdicate. Storage logistics of Grupo Raminatrans in times of crisis

Firstly, from everybody at Grupo Raminatrans, we hope you and your families are safe and well.

Everyone is aware of the negative economic effect caused by the pandemic and how it is putting us to the test as individuals, as a society and as a company.

In the storage logistics subsystem the problem is clear; many clients are unable to move their goods, some factories are finding difficulties halting production and numerous containers in transit require storage space without incurring any delay.

However at Grupo Raminatrans we find solutions for problems, which is why our warehouses, in particular those in the Valencian Community and Madrid, are being optimized to guarantee the minimum logistical impact for our clients.

With over 100,000 square metres of transit and logistics warehouses spread across the main national logistics areas, Raminatrans offers full logistics processes, from entry control, storage, order preparation, dispatch and transport, including the communication of important situations and traceability.

In addition to conventional storage we also offer:

  • Authorised Economic Operator Certification, AEO.
  • Temporary Customs Deposits (ADT).
  • Public Customs Deposits (DAP) Type “A”.
  • Deposits Distinct to Customs (DDA) for fiscal operations (VAT free).
  • LAME (Local Authorised Export Goods).
  • Handling.
  • Order preparation.
  • Packing adapted to the needs of orders.
  • Personalised labelling.
  • Sanitary license to store: biocides, cosmetics, health products and personal hygiene.
  • 24 hours security.


ALSO: In our warehouses in Ribarroja (Valencia) the adaptation of our lifting equipment provides us with the capacity to store more than 300 TEUs in our external warehouse, with more than 25 of our own vehicles performing these Port-Warehouse transfers.

The maximum use that is being made of each space in our warehouses aims to minimize the logistical impact of this crisis on our customers.

Polígono Industrial Sector 13 – C/Coheters Nº 13 Ribarroja del Turia – 46190 (Valencia)
Tel.: 961 642 787

P.I. El Oliveral – C/I 18 Nave Mód. 2 y 3 46190 – Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia)
Tel.: 961 642 787 (Ext.147)


ALSO: Our Madrid warehouse is in an unbeatable location very close to the airport and with direct connections to NII, R2, M45 and M50. This hub has become the distribution warehouse for more than 15 million protective masks for the transport and logistics sector nationwide, for postmen to underground drivers, stevedores, truckers … We are maximizing  our service, offering both flexibility and a personal touch.

During the Covid 19 crisis, from its warehouse in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), the Raminatrans Group has taken on the coordination of the distribution of medical equipment (more than 15 million masks) that arrived on several flights from China to the Ministry of Transport. Regardless of the day our hour, holidays or weekdays, we have worked tirelessly to distribute these vital supplies throughout the crisis.

Margarita Nelken, 8 – Prologis Park San Fernando Pol. Industrial SUP I4 “El Triángulo”
Tel.: +34 911 836 112