Important communication: cancelation fee booking etd 01.04.2020

By 27 March, 2020 Maritime transport, News

Firstable we hope that all of you are well and safe, given the circumstances that the whole world is experiencing. From Grupo Raminatrans we wish this to be the case.

We inform you that with effect from ETD 01.04.2020 the shipping companies will implement a new surcharge for import cargo from China / Hong Kong that was canceled 7 days or less from the current ETD.

It would be applied for those reservations that are made in firm and are canceled by the client. The amount of the surcharge will vary according to the shipping companies and the date of the cancellation.

For further information, please contact your sales executive.

This point will be transferred to the conditions that you will find as always at the bottom of the page of your offers, so in the next updates in April it will already added (8. The cancellation of a booking 7 days or less from the ETD may generate cancellation extra costs if shipping companies consider it so).

Thank you once again for your trust and please take good care of you.