Grupo Raminatrans successfully coordinates loading on the silk train, the longest railway route in the world

Everything arises when one of our customers of the whole life puts on the table of the department of MI a problem: It has to bring a load as it is before a specific date and the time of transit of the boat does not serve him. Immediately Patricia Hernández, Javier Atencia and Marcos Sánchez, the colleagues of this department who have coordinated this first level logistics action, start working on finding solutions and propose to the client the option of using the train, but not any train, but following the traces of the old Silk Road, load a complete container in “The Iron Dragon”, as it is also known, that runs more than 13,052 kilometers to take the products to their destination, uniting the cities of Yiwu in China and Madrid in 21 days. The longest railway route in the world. Since a few days ago the customer has the load in its power and the operation has been a resounding success.