Grupo Raminatrans participates in the creation of a small forest in Ávila (Spain) – March 21 World Forest Day

March 21 coincides with the entry of spring in the northern hemisphere and with autumn in the southern hemisphere, it is the day to remember that without nature the human being is nothing.

It is to create awareness of the importance of caring for and preserving all forest areas on the planet and with it the survival of all species.

Forests are the lungs of the planet. Places full of life that host more than 75% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, store carbon from the air, counteract climate change and help prevent soil erosion and regulate the water cycle.

Grupo Raminatrans, as a company committed to the Environment, has collaborated in the creation of a small forest of 60 trees in the Iruelas Valley, Ávila, in the center of Spain, with the hope of continuing to grow. With this action we begin to offset our CO2 emissions, because in addition to our #BluePower we also have #GreenPower.

*Grupo Raminatrans has carried out this initiative with the company

This image corresponds to the area of the Iruelas Valley, most damaged by the fires and where reforestation is being carried out, and the Raminatrans forest is located.

Location of the forest of Grupo Raminatrans: