Grupo Raminatrans obtains the revaluation of the AEO authorization and Vicente Canet joins Grupo Raminatrans as director of AEO and Regulatory Compliance

By 14 January, 2022 Customs, News, Our Company

From left to right José Belmonte, national head of the Customs department of Grupo Raminatrans and Vicente Canet, new national director of AEO and Regulatory Compliance.

Grupo Raminatrans has just incorporated Vicente Canet, a professional with a long and recognized professional career of more than twenty years in the logistics sector, to its team to occupy the national directorate of AEO and Regulatory Compliance. His appointment coincided with the obtaining of the revaluation this week of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) authorization, of customs simplification, protection and security after successfully passing the revaluation by the Tax Agency.

Both Rafael Milla, our president, and Larisa Milla and Juan Beltrán, vice president and CEO of the company, respectively, wanted to emphasize that “at this moment in which we welcome with great enthusiasm a new colleague, Vicente Canet, we don´t want to forget about José Manuel González, who sadly died last November, since this revaluation has largely been thanks to his faultless and great work in the time he was with us”.

For his part, our head of the Customs department, José Belmonte, comments that this achievement has been possible thanks to the involvement of the management, aware of the importance for a company such as Grupo Raminatrans to have been revalued, as well as the employees of each and every one of the departments. “Without teamwork it would not have been possible and, without a doubt, a large part of that credit belongs to José Manuel González”, says Belmonte, who will form a first-rate professional tandem with Vicente Canet in this new stage for both parties, both they are also united by their associative work in ATEIA-OLTRA Valencia, within the Customs Commission. In addition, Vicente Canet is also a member of the Governing Board of the College of Customs Agents of Valencia (COACAV).

“Being part of Grupo Raminatrans has been a source of pride from the first moment. It is gratifying for me to work surrounded by this environment, in which everyone is involved in the same common goal, and at the same time it creates a great commitment to be able to live up to what has been created and achieved so far. Of course, my commitment is total to maintain the current level and my continuous effort to be able to propose actions that try to improve the procedures and thus guarantee that Raminatrans continues to grow”, explains Vicente Canet.

The importance of the AEO figure
“The figure of the OEA is fundamental for Grupo Raminatrans, we must not forget that we were one of the first freight forwarders to be certified in our country. We have the constant objective of optimizing our processes and, achieving said revaluation successfully implies an improvement in the efficiency of our customs processes, which entails significant savings in time and money for our clients, therefore, having professionals like Vicente Canet, who knows this matter widely, is essential ”, says Rafael Milla, president of the company.

It should be remembered that AEO Operators, being trusted partners of the Customs Administration, are subject to fewer controls and can benefit from simplifications of customs procedures. The reduction of dispatch times and reduction of controls, facilitates that the merchandise circulates in a more fluid way and allows a reduction of the costs. The figure of AEO refers to those reliable and recognized Operators between countries within the logistics chain, capable of guaranteeing that the movement of goods internationally is carried out safely within the regulatory framework of the World Customs Organization (WCO).