Grupo Raminatrans obtains a new certificate to store ecological products

Grupo Raminatrans is aware of that the production and consumption of organic food is booming, (Spain is at the forefront of European organic production and is already one of the 10 countries that consume the most), also we know that this contributes to the sustainability of the Planet because of environmentally friendly practices, that is why we have developed in recent days the process to obtain the certification that enables us to store certain organic products. This certification, which we want to share with you, has been issued, on this occasion, by the Ecological Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV), which is the control authority that has audited us in the storage centers we have in the Valencian Community and the one in charge of certifying ecological agro-food products of plant or animal origin, transformed or not.

The ecological certification guarantees that the products have been produced or elaborated following the rules of organic agriculture, and that they have been controlled throughout their production, preparation, packaging, and storage processes (this is where the services of Grupo Raminatrans come in as a company of storage) and marketing.

Control covers any stage from the primary production of an organic product to its storage and supply to the final consumer. Grupo Raminatrans, as a certified operator capable of storing these products, will, from now, be subject to a periodic control regime based on current regulations that will guarantee the traceability protocol that says that the product has not lost its ecological features.

The products of ecological origin for which we are certified at the moment, since they can be easily expanded at any time that our clients request it, are: Sunflower oil, olive oil, olives, honey, rice, coffee and tea, sugar and pistachios.

We hope this information has been useful to you and do not hesitate to contact us to request this or any other of our services.