Grupo Raminatrans behind the shipments of the reels of paper with which the daily press of Spain is printed

An average of four to five trucks leave every day from the Ribarroja warehouses of Grupo Raminatrans to distribute the reels of paper with which the printers companies then print the daily press, as well as most of the national magazines. A peculiar logistics defined by the reels themselves, since they need to be handled with special machinery and placed with great care in the trucks so that they arrive in perfect condition at these printers companies.

“Last year we moved 22,000 tons of paper from our facilities, in fact we have had work peaks in which we have managed to dispatch 45 containers in just two days ”, explains José María Olmo, head of this business division of Grupo Raminatrans, which already has more than two years of activity from the facilities of this company in Ribarroja and with a professional career of more than 40 years as a partner of the Copasegur company, a benchmark in this business of roll paper distribution throughout Spain. “Today it is difficult to find a roll of paper for the press that we have not loaded,” says Olmo.

Grupo Raminatrans handles all the logistics for this cargo, which in most cases arrives by sea from Canada, Russia and the United States. “From customs clearance, container hauling to final delivery on the presses, each process is carried out from our logistics hub in Valencia, that is why by having only one interlocutor our client is able to provide a service in which immediacy it provides great value ”, says Olmo, who adds that in addition to these reels of paper, “a daily truck with cardboard leaves from here practically every day ”.