Everything we know until today about the special tax on non-reusable plastic containers

By 26 October, 2022 Legislation, News, Others

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On 04/09/2022, Law 7/2022 of April 8, “on waste and contaminated soil for a circular economy”, was published in the BOE, in which in its Thirteenth Final Provision, it indicates that the entry into force will be next 01/01/2023.

Title VII of this Law: “Fiscal measures to encourage the circular economy”, speaks in its Chapter I of the “Special tax on non-reusable plastic containers”. This Chapter I details from article 67 to 83;  and in the document that you can find in the link that accompanies this information, our Customs, OAS and Regulatory Compliance team has made a summary of what we consider most important, in addition to a series of conclusions that connect with our commitment to advice regulations to our clients, also at the beginning and at the end of the document you will find the link to the BOE and to the AEAT website, which in its Help tab, “frequently asked questions”, publishes clarifications to doubts already raised.

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