Despatch authorisation for Spanish customs
 – Despatch by operation

Whether it’s a national company or a foreign company, without an electronic signature from the tax authorities, it is necessary to provide the original despatch authorisation for each operation  every time it is requested by customs.
The customs dispatch is one of the key points in the development of the logistics chain and the customs representative must have the following documentation among others.

Documents necessary for this operation:

In order for the customs representative to be able handle this process with the tax authorities, the following are required:

1. The authorisation form for submitting customs declarations ANNEX I.
This is the main document of this stage as it allows the customs representative to manage the necessary steps with Customs.
2. The copy of legal powers:
The authorised dispatch signatory must prove they have sufficient power to represent their company in this matter. The document that confirms it to customs is the power of attorney that shows the full name and position (sole administrator, representative, etc.)
3. A recent document from the merchant registrar.
Customs needs to know that the signatory currently has power of attorney, given that we receive paperwork that is several years old
4. The photocopy of the ID card of the person granting power of attorney to customs in the aforementioned ANNEX I.
The signature of the ID card must coincide with the signature on the dispatch authorisation.
In the case of the signatory wanting to keep their information confidential, it can be accredited by a notary.

How it should be completed and sent:
The authorisation form for the representation of customs declarations is the only document of the four previously mentioned that must be sent by courier, as the customers representative must have the ORIGINAL document.

To correctly complete this document, its parts are explained step by step:

This field is filled in when an individual wants the power to be a logistics operator for dispatch to be granted in his or her own name, without representing any company.

If it is a company that wants to dispatch goods, it is necessary to fill in the form from the third line, indicating fiscal information and that of the person going to represent the company in this operation.

Name of logistics operator.

Fiscal identification number.

In this section it is necessary to indicate the dispatch is by OPERATION.

The type of representation to select “Both”.

Select national.

Select indefinite.

This last section must be signed by the person in the company that authorises being represented by Raminatrans. The document must be approved with the company’s seal.