COVID-19 crisis in Shenzhen affecting the ports of Yantian and Shekou (China)

We inform you that according to sources consulted by Grupo Raminatrans, the operations of the port of Yantian (China) are becoming more complicated as more positive cases of COVID have been confirmed in Shenzhen, where the port of Yantian and the port of Shekou are located.
This situation has led the authorities to take new measures, which is why an increase in congestion and delays of ships are expected, as well as traffic congestion in the port of Nansha and waiting times longer than usual for the collection of empty containers and the entry of loaded containers.

According to the same sources, the density of the yard of the Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT) remains high and local authorities continuously implement disinfection and quarantine measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It should be noted that this area is where ships mainly dock and that is where productivity is lower than normal, specifically 30%.

Of course, this is something foreign to Grupo Raminatrans, so we ask you to be attentive to possible delays, as we always do, we will continue to offer our best customer-oriented service to work day by day taking care of each load, with the hope that soon good news will arrives and work is resumed in a normalized way in this area of China and above all, that the situation does not go any further.