Breaking news in the transport strike: The indefinite strike goes on and the support for the strike increases

By 22 March, 2022 News, Others, Road transport

We inform you that the Platform for the Defense of the Transport of Goods, who began on Monday the 14th the strike and was not at the dialogue table with the Government yesterday, keeps the pulse on the roads, and not only that, Fenadismer, second association by importance with 32,000 companies and more than 50,000 vehicles, joins the strike, along with Fetransa and Feintra.

The Government had a meeting with the National Committee of Transport by Road (CNTC), which brings together the majority associations and as such took part in the negotiation with the Government, who has agreed to subsidize the price of diesel for carriers with direct aid of 500 million euros. The reduction for each liter of fuel refueled at gas stations will be specified in the Council of Ministers on March 29. Finally, the Executive has decided not to apply any VAT reduction and opt for the French model of direct aid. The proposal has not convinced the entire sector that considers it vague, so as we have told you, the strikes will continue and once again we will experience a tense day on the roads.

We are very sorry for this situation, and as we have already explained, we can’t guarantee the usual quality of our transport services.

We will inform you of the evolution of unemployment, always from our desire to be able to work normally and providing our services with the quality that we have been providing to date.