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Brexit: EU and United Kingdom have 335 days to reach a new trade agreement that sets the rules for the exchange of goods

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Last Thursday the British Parliament ratified the withdrawal agreement and then the Committee on Constitutional Affairs of the European Parliament voted in favor of a positive recommendation with respect to that agreement, leaving only the last voting process in Parliament’s Plenary, which It is scheduled…

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Nuevas medidas de control sanitario

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El Reglamento de Ejecución de la Comisión 2019/1793 establece nuevas medidas de control sanitario a ciertas mercancías de origen no animal, destinadas al consumo humano o animal. Dicho reglamento deroga los siguientes reglamentos: 669/2009, 884/2014, 2015/175, 20174/186 y 2018/1660. Además, y este es un punto…

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