Additional rights to certain EU products by the United States

Since last October 18, the United States applies additional customs duties to certain products originating in the European Union. These measures are confirmed after the opinion of the World Trade Organization (WTO) that allows the United States to take the commercial measures it deems appropriate in response to the financial assistance that the EU has provided to the airline company Airbus to the detriment of the interests of the US company Boeing. The US measures consist of the imposition of additional duties 10% and 25% for certain agricultural, industrial and other imports, with the most affected Member States being France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The products to which an additional 10% duty will be applied are:

  • Airplanes and other aircraft

Affected products with an additional 25% duty rate are principal Mind:

  • Lemons, oranges, tangerines,
  • Cheeses, butter, yogurt
  • Frozen meats and other pork products.
  • Coffee
  • Mollusks
  • Irish and Scotch malt whiskey
  • Olives and olive oil
  • Wines and spirits
  • Sweet cookies
  • Books and prints
  • Tools and certain machinery

Further information:

You can also contact the Customs Department of the Raminatrans Group for any questions you may have: 96 324 10 50.