A new trade agreement between the European Union and Japan

By 7 February, 2019 Customs, Maritime transport, News

On February 1st. a commercial agreement between the European Union and Japan has been published. This agreement establishes a novelty in this regard and if the importer has sufficient evidence about the Japanese origin it will apply a tariff reductions.

Annex 2-A of the Agreement provides for differentiated tariff treatment according to the type of product:

– Original goods of customs duties are eliminated completely on the date of entry into force of the Agreement.

– Original goods for which progressive schedules of tariff disarmament are seen.

  •   Original goods excluded from the elimination or reduction of tariffs in this agreement.

The applications for preferential tariff treatment are based on a communication on origin (code U110 box 44 of the SAD) in which the exporter declares that the product is originating or known by the importer (code U112 SAD box 44) of that the product is original. In the latter case, the customs authorities can ask  to the import for an explanation, to the extent that it can be provided, so that the product meets the requirements in the matter of origin.

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