EU imposes dumping duties on all kinds of e-Bikes from China

The Official Journal of the European Commission published two regulations on January 18: the definitive anti-dumping duty (20199/72) and the definitive countervailing duty (2019/73) for bicycles with electric auxiliary motor, origin China, following the complaint made by the European Association of Bicycle Manufacturers (EBMA). These translate into a total of 79.3% of additional taxes to the tariff of the tariff heading. The EU has chosen to establish individual rates according to the manufacturer. The regulations specify the possible reductions that exist in the manufacturer that exports to the EU. In fact in the document made public, which can be consulted, there are different lists of manufacturers with the annexes in which the applicable percentage is specified as well as the Taric code. In the case of not being on the list, the tax that Europe applies is 79.3%. The product currently affected falls within CN codes 8711 60 10 and ex 8711 60 90 (TARIC code 8711 60 90 10).

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